Quick Rundown of Bianca Barnett Films Coming in 2016

Bianca Barnett, actress, host, and more has been working as an actor since 2006. In just the past decade, she has risen through the ranks to act in films such as Albino Farm. Today I’d like to provide an update for all the fellow fans who would like to know what she’s up to in 2016:

How to Heal Your Chakras Using Essential Oils

Chakra is a word in Sanskrit that means wheel. There are seven chakras or energy wheels in the body that generate and govern certain types of energy. Each chakra governs expressions of varying emotional and spiritual aspects. When these energy centers are aligned and expressing themselves in a balanced manner a person will enjoy mind, body and spiritual unity.

When a chakra is overactive or underactive, problems result. These may occur as sickness or in imbalances in relationships, work or other affairs. There are ways to heal the chakras or get them back into balance. This article will cover the ways in which essential oils can be used to aid in the healing of one or all of the energy centers in the body. I also recommend that you figure out a way to diffuse the oils or use them topically. Here’s one way with a lava stone bracelet for essential oils.

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The Seven Chakras Explained

The root is located at the bottom of the spine. It governs security or insecurity depending on its balance or imbalance. The sacral or second energy center sits in the pelvic region and governs sexual or creative expression when balanced. When imbalanced it is said to cause sexual dysfunction or fear of intimacy.

The solar plexus chakra is associated with confidence using one’s will. When it is imbalanced, arrogance or conceit are common. The heart center is where healthy individuals can give love. Imbalanced chakras make a person unable to receive love or be unconditional with it. The throat center is expressive when healthy and deceitful when not. The third eye will be intuitive when balanced or over-intellectual when not. The crown chakra will give off a sense of unity with spirituality or, when off balance, an unhealthy fear of death.

Essential oils can be mixed with carrier oils and applied to various parts of the body associated with the seven chakras. Use one ounce of carrier oil such as jojoba. Add 10 to 15 drops of your chosen oil and place it in a clean, dark glass bottle. You want one that has a pump top or one with an eye dropper.

Never apply essential oils directly to your skin. This can cause irritation or it can cause an allergic reaction. Always dilute your oil using an appropriate carrier oil first.

To use your prepared oil, sit in a peaceful setting. If you wish, get quiet and meditate on the quality you want to heal or enjoy more of. You will want to place two or three drops of the oil to your fingertips. Apply the oil to your chakra in a clockwise fashion.

Never apply it to sensitive areas or to areas where the skin is broken or irritated. Never place the drops near or in your eyes or your mucous membranes. In the event, your skin breaks out, always discontinue use. There are plenty of oils that will work to heal the various chakras. One may be better for you than another, so you may need to experiment until you find what suits your skin.

Inhale deeply after you have applied the oil. Focus on positive intentions for your chakra. For instance, when working on the root chakra, you may add the oil to your feet. Inhale, then imagine yourself feeling safe and secure. You may also want to picture the chakra spinning in a healthy way.

You can have peaceful music playing in the background if you want. Some people enjoy doing their essential oil healing right before meditating or before practicing yoga.

Look online to find a detailed list of the oils that are recommended for the chakra you wish to heal. For example, the root chakra heals well with Frankincense or Patchouli.

What Do Trembling Hands Mean? All The Signs Of Tremors In Your Body

If you're experiencing shaking in your hands, you're not alone. Over 10 million Americans also share these symptoms.

If you’re experiencing shaking in your hands, you’re not alone. Over 10 million Americans also share these symptoms.

Shaking and trembling hands can be a common sign of nervousness and stress. However, trembling hands can be a symptom of a health condition if this appears when the person is not stressed or if the symptom persists.

Health professionals refer to shaking or trembling hands as a tremor. This term refers to unintentional movements of a part of the body and a tremor is usually a sign that there is an issue with the area of the brain that controls movements. Shaking hands are not an indication that there is an issue with someone’s hands but rather that there could be a problem with the person’s brain or nervous system.

Alcohol and other toxins can be the reason why someone’s hands are shaking. Excessive drinking can lead to neurological problems, including uncontrollable movements of the hands even when the person is not drinking. Excessive consumption of caffeine can have the same effects, although the symptom will likely appear after drinking a lot of coffee or energy drinks and should go away after a while.

Some medication can cause a person’s hands to shake for no reasons. If you are experiencing tremor and recently started taking a new medication, you should check the list of possible side effects and contact your doctor. Your doctor might decide to prescribe another drug to prevent tremors. There’s also a lot of research being done into natural ways to cure and diminish tremors.

There are other medical conditions that can cause tremor. These conditions include an overactive thyroid, cerebellar disease and Huntington’s disease. If you suffer from any of these health conditions, it is likely that you will experience other symptoms besides tremor. It is best to schedule an appointment with your doctor to talk about your symptoms.

Parkinson’s disease is another condition that can cause tremor. However, Parkinson’s patients are likely to experience tremor even when their hands are at rest. Other medical conditions typically cause tremor only when the patients tries using their hands.

Trembling hands are not necessarily something you need to worry about since fatigue, anxiety or caffeine consumption could explain why your hands are shaking. However, you should go see a doctor if you experience other symptoms, if the tremor lasts for a long time or if you experience this symptom frequently. You should also go see a doctor if the frequent hand trembling makes it difficult to work or complete your daily tasks.

If you experience tremor and have been drinking large quantities of alcohol or have been drinking more often than usual, your alcohol consumption could be to blame. You should try taking a break from drinking for a while or seek help if you think that you might be addicted to alcohol.

Ask yourself what could be cause your hands to shake if you have been experiencing this symptom. Keep in mind that stress, anxiety and fatigue could cause tremor if you have been more stressed than usual lately. If you believe that the shaking could be caused by a medical condition or are not sure whey you are experiencing tremor, you need to schedule an appointment with your doctor.